Aloha from Hawai'i Modular Homes another alternative to home ownership. Whether you are local braddah o sista, or looking from afar to live in the Islands, home ownership here is truly a dream come true!! Real estate has always been high here because of limited supply, and that which is available often doesn't match your needs or wants. Other than buying an existing home, building one is your next alternative. Either an expensive and long process of a site-built construction, or a 'packaged home' which includes all the basic materials for constructing a home are your only options...until now. Hawai'i Modular Homes offers, as our name states, modular homes. We are bringing a quality affordable home which is already common in the rest of the country to Hawai'i.

Our homes are constructed in an efficient factory. The controlled environment allows for everything to be nearby as your home is built, including all materials, even bathrooms for the work crew. Your home sections are freighted from factory to port and across the Pacific. Upon arrival the home module sections if necessary will be barged to your island and trucked to your building site. Our island installation contractor guides the house sections onto the foundation and completes the finishing work. What would have been a lengthy site-built project is finished within a few months at a huge savings to you. I don't want to mislead, you are still required to meet all land use regulations as any building project. The huge savings is in the home price, and the time you save...afterall you don't want to miss even a day of paradise!

Hawai'i Modular Homes is the same business as Yamada Homes in California. We specialize in placing our factory built homes on property. We represent several companies that offer a range of modular and manufactured homes from simple cottages, to spacious multi-story homes focused towards not only the Hawa'i lifestyle, but the logistics of transporting your home. We can even provide customized floor plans. All of these homes are regulated by federal, state, and/or local authorities. We arrange for freight and installation to completion. Our network includes the range of professionals to guide you to the home of your dreams!!

Questions...let me take you thru the process without a sales talk...Call me 9am-3pm PST at 831-252-0735, 8am-12pm HI time, or, Text me anytime, or, Email me at