Our homes are the most affordable legal home option available in the Islands. We're told plenty of times that you can get homes built less, but of course if your Uncle is the labor, I agree. But even then, taking into account the whole house project, the total final cost, we have found the true savings to be minimal. 'Kit Homes', our closest competitor, advertise their homes at very attractive prices. However, those home packages are not complete, add freight charges, and a contractor to build the house, the real total is considerably more! And if you're trying to compare our homes against RV's, trailers, tiny homes, etc., we're talking apples to oranges...our homes built for a lifetime, or, a temporary structure more akin to nice camping!

Our houses are manufactured homes, a highly regulated federal HUD code home. Common on the mainland, the houses are shipped to Hawai'i and are installed and set-up to be a 'turn-key' home. You will step into a home with functioning bathrooms and kitchen, Already included in the cost, your home will come with appliances, cabinets, window blinds and treatments, flooring t/o, furnace, water heater, just bring your furniture and dishes! Our houses are fully insulated, dual pane windows, even arrives painted inside and out. Every one of our homes include a comprehensive one year warranty. An added bonus, required stamped engineered plans for the building application, included in the cost of your home! In our range of homes, we even have small homes for that growing affordable home movement, second homes, ADU's (guest units), entry level, and for those wanting to downsize. Hawai'i allows for this ideal lifestyle. Call us for details. Our homes are designed to take advantage of the inside-outside Hawai'i lifestyle. With plenty of flexibility in our plans, your home can meet your expectations. Questions, I know you have many, let me take you thru the process without the sales talk. Call me 9am-3pm PST at 831-252-0735, 8am-12pm HI time, or, Text me, or, Emailryamada@yamadahomes.com.
Our homes are constructed in an efficient factory. The controlled environment allows for everything to be nearby as your home is built, including all materials, even bathrooms for the work crew. What would have been a ten month site-built project is finished within three months at half the costs. The huge savings is in the home price, and time!!
These are only a few of hundreds of plans to choose from. All are customizable to your tastes.
Questions...let me take you thru the process without a sales talk...Call me 9am-3pm PST at 831-252-0735, 8am-12pm HI time, or, Text me, or, Emailryamada@yamadahomes.com